Thursday, 28 July 2011

Tiny Tiny Fashion Haul - Tally Weijl!

Hey Everyone!

So this is probably the worlds smallest haul, but I said I would do a quick post and talk about my absolute FAVOURITE clothes shop...Tally Weijl!

Tally Weijl is an international fashion label originally from and based in Switzerland . They are now located all over Europe, although as far as I know (I could be wrong and really hope I am!.) they have yet to arrive in the U.K. - Major sad face! (If they are in the U.K. you MUST tell me where!) So whenever I am home I ALWAYS take a trip to Tally! The benefit of them not being in the U.K was always having different clothes and being the envy of all my friends.....mwhahaha!
Anytime I returned with Tally goodies (pretty much everytime) my friends would always remark about the new items I was wearing that had come from Tally! They even started looking online and asking me to pick up things the next time I was in the store!... So whats the big fuss then?..

Well the clothes are always on trend, gorgeous, good quality and affordable! And it's not just clothes, my store also does bags, shoes and jewelry. So today I went on a mini shop, and picked up a few items in their sale, and their sale is outrageously good value! I would love to show you my entire Tally Weijl collection, but I'm pretty sure that would be impossible in one post, so instead here's a look at the little few bits I picked up today!

The first item is this dress...

It's a dark beige colour and I picked it up because it's just a really nice piece. I could wear this casually with flip flops or team it with a belt and heels for night time. Its was originally €12.95, reduced to €8 in the sale...BUT when I got to the counter I found it was further reduced to €5....which is around £3! Bargain right?!

The second item I picked up was this beach towel...

Is this not the funkiest towel you have ever seen?....I don't usually do pink things, bit girly for my taste, but I love leopard print and this is just fabulous! It was also originally €12.95 reduced to €5 in the sale.

The last thing I picked up today were these flip flops..

I thought these were really gorgeous, some nice simple flip flops....oh yea and they were FREE! That's right f.r.e.e! Tally do 3 for 2 on all sale items, these were originally €12.95, reduced to €4 in the sale, but free for me! 

I hope you can see the quality from the pictures because I know at those prices it might be easy to assume that the quality is not great, but it really is. The other thing I wanted to show was a top I picked up the other day, not with these purchases but also in the sale, and that is this top..

Cute right? I thought it was a really nice little top, also it's got an animal on it, so I obviously loved it! This top was €3, or around £1-2..

Without a doubt this is my favourite place to shop in and I just wanted to share it with y'all! Anyone who has been in I'm sure will understand! And if you haven't then hopefully they will come to the a location near you soon and you can run out and fall in love it with it too!

Hope you enjoyed this post,
Karen :) X

P.S. They also support a (I believe) really important charity, which I also support, so gold stars all round! :)


  1. Lovely haul. It's nice having favourite shops that arn't the typical shops sometimes. I love the towel so much! xx

  2. never heard of the shop before but it sounds amazing!! the Euro confuses me, but i think it`s pretty similar to the Pound ...??? hehe :) the beach towel is so funky! (make sure to wash them thoroughly before you use them - i hadn`t, and dye leaked all over me ... not cool!) the sale sounds awesome :) hopefully England will get a store soon :) xx

  3. Thank you guys! Yea it's just a lil dif to the pound, not by much! I am in love with the towel! Thanks for that I would have forgotten, one time I brought a brand new towel on holiday, didn't wash it first and so I spent my first day on the beach a curious blue colour!Xx