Monday, 11 July 2011

Beauty UK - Affordable Quality

Hey Everyone,

I'm sure the majority of people have heard about Beauty UK the affordable makeup line that is sold at Superdrug stores. I came across them a little while ago and decided to try an eyeshadow palette and a lipstick.  The palette I bought was the Beautyuk Eyeshadow Collection 1 and the lipstick was a bright pink in shade 1 - innocent. 

To start off these products are pretty amazing value at £3.99 for eyeshadow palette containing 10 shades! The lipstick is also currently retailing at £3.49. The packaging is really nice as you can see and again higher quality than the price tag would suggest! So with all this I wasn't sure what quality to expect from the products themselves.  So here are some swatches!

Now the picture quality really does not do these shades justice, they are nicely pigmented and the swatches in the picture are with no effort at all, no primer, water or anything else! The browns in particular I've found are my favourites and the deeper brown is somewhat comparable to Urban Decay's "Twice Baked" shade in terms of  pigmentation. The shades are really blendable and quite forgiving; just really easy to work with. All in all I was very impressed. In particular I think for someone starting out in makeup these palettes would be perfect, affordable, easy to use and good quality, what more would you want!

So the lipstick!

I was also thoroughly impressed with the lipstick. The pigmentation is unreal here too! This is a swatch..

The shade itself is a real barbie doll pink and you only need one swipe to get a lip full of colour. I will say that this product gets better with some use, it increases in it's creamy texture and is even nicer to use. My only teeny tiny down point is the smell, it's not the nicest, but still it would not put me off using the product!

All in all I am really impressed with what I have tried so far! Also I seen recently that BeautyUK have brought out some baked blushes and eyeshadows (my favourite!), again retailing at really affordable prices! So stay tuned as I'm sure a review of them will pop up here in the near future!

Hope you enjoyed this review!
Peace and Love! x

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  1. First of all, congrats on starting this blog, I think you will become really popular among bloggers :)
    And thanks for sharing this review with us. I think these types of posts are truly helpful, as I know next time I want to buy something whether it's a safe purchase :)