Monday, 11 July 2011

Nail Art - Flowers!

Hey Everyone!
So I have recently been on a bit of a nail art/design obsession streak! While on twitter I spotted Lauren Conrad had posted a really cool picture of nail designs she had just had done and I said I would try it myself! So here is my attempt!

As you can see its a light blue shade with some pretty pink flowers, sort of Cath Kidson inspired I guess! 
So the polishes I used were:
Barry M - Blueberry 306 
Primark Glow Baby Glow - Pink
Opia - French Pink
Rimmel - Green with envy 819 (missing from picture because I currently can't find it!)

I started by just doing a plain layer of the blue shade all over my nails. I then took the dark pink shade and just dotted it in two areas on each of my nails. One this had dries I took the lighter pink shade and dotted it on top of the darker pink. I didn't want cover over the dark pink completely, using the two shades gives the look more dimension and made it look more like a flower than just some pink blobs! After this I took my dark green and did two longer strokes coming off each flower. As you can see they are not the tidiest but after I originally did this look I had an idea! I have old lip brushes, ones that have come as part of sets, with products etc., and I never use them. So the next time I took one of these old brushes and used it for my "leaf" design, as the brush is skinny it was much easier to get a finer line and it gave me more control. So that's just a little tip  for anyone thinking of trying it!

Anyways I hope you enjoy this nail look, and try it yourselves!
Peace and Love! 

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