Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Easiest Eyeliner I've Ever Used!

Hey Everyone!

This post is little review on one of the nicest eyeliners I've tried, the Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner by Collection 2000. I bought this eyeliner in black but it is also available in blue, teal and purple. It looks like this...

To start it applies really really well, the size of the felt tip applicator allows you to choose how you want your look easily; whether you want a subtle thin line look or if you would like to amp it up with a thick line. By either using just the tip or turning onto it's side you can change the dimension of your look, this also makes it much easier to experiment with more creative styles such as winged effects. This is the applicator and some swatches..

As well as being really easy to use it stand ups to it's name of "24 hour" as it really does last. Now I've been known to stay out until the wee hours occasionally, and I've found that this eyeliner always lasts as long as I do! However when it comes to removal it's also pretty easy and doesn't stain or take forever to remove. 

I think that felt liners in general are great for anyone starting out with eyeliner or for someone (like myself) who isn't the most naturally talented at applying eyeliner and this product makes it really easy and it has helped me develop my eyelining skills! I've had this product for quite a while now and I use it almost every time I line my eyes and it is still going strong and shows no signs of drying up anytime soon! Again as I've said in my other blogs it's quality and it's affordable and I have been really impressed!

Hope you enjoyed this review!
Peace and Love!X

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  1. i used this for the first time last week and i was amazed at how good it actually was for a felt tip eyeliner!