Thursday, 8 November 2012

Essence Gel EyeLiner Review

Hi Everyone,

So I recently lost my Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner (wah!), but having heard good things about the essence gel eyeliner I decided it was the perfect opportunity to give it a go! I bought it in the shade 01 "Midnight in Paris", and I also purchased the little eyeliner brush from essence to try out as well. Here's what they both look like..

The eyeliner I think was €2.95 and I'm not sure about the brush, both were definitely under €5, which is a bargain! I'm going to compare this to the Maybelline lasting drama, as I think it is the most commonly purchased "drugstore" gel liner, and it's a bit more expensive!

The Eyeliner
So first off I love the shade, it is a dark dark matte black, come out very pigmented. I would say it is similar in pigmentation to the Maybelline, although I found the texture of the essence to be a little more moist. I didn't think I would like that when I seen it first but it actually made it just that little bit easier to work with and apply. The big thing for me (and most people I think) with eyeliner is finding one that is pigmented and STAYS on the waterline! Now the Maybelline lasting drama was good, in that it went on really well and it did stay for maybe an hour or two, however the essence for me was better. When you put it on initially, due to the more moist consistency it is not as pigmented as you might like, the key I found was just giving it a chance to settle, and then going over it. Using this technique for me really worked, it DID NOT BUDGE. I was so impressed, having being out clubbing for hours to find my eyeliner was still perfect. 

The Brush
The essence brush is also quite nifty, it was easy to use and worked quite well, also an inexpensive purchase so if you need a brush, grab this one you won't be sorry!

So overall I am very impressed. Its more affordable than most (if not all?) gel eyeliners out there and it is definitely one of the best I have tried. It's so inexpensive, its waterproof, it doesn't budge and you get 3ml for the small price tag so its also going to last! If you're on the lookout for a new gel eyeliner, or just a really good eyeliner I would absolutely recommend giving this one a try!

K :) x

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

MUA Professional Matte Foundation Review

Hey Everyone! 
This is going to be a review of the MakeUp Academy Professional Matte Foundation. This is only £4 and my shade is Shade 1 Soft Sand. It looks like this...

So to start the packaging is nice, in usual MUA Pro style, simple and stylish and it's a tube as you can see. Here are some swatches..

I was really impressed with the shade, I always struggle to find foundation that suits my skin tone. I am very yellow- toned, but I'm also quite pale at the minute. This has been a really good match for my skin so I was very happy. I found the consistency a little thicker than other liquid foundations I've tried but workable, though I would say a primer definitely helps with application. It gives pretty full coverage and I'm happy wearing it with just a little concealer (MUA at the minute too, review coming soon!). The one thing I did find with this foundation is that for me it wasn't matte. Obviously foundations are going to work differently with different skin types, but it definitely left a sheen on my skin and I couldn't wear it without setting it with a powder. That aside I was really impressed with the whole foundation, I've tried lots of cheaper foundations and I've always hated them (see previous post! ). But all of my usual issues with cheap foundation were not a problem with this at all. It is my foundation and I will definitely be re-purchasing when I run out (though its lasted me quite a while because you don't need much for good coverage). 

All in all I think it's pretty amazeballs that I have found a good everyday foundation for £4 and I would absolutely recommend going out and giving it a try!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Karen :) x

Monday, 6 February 2012

Essence - Multi Action False Lashes Mascara - Review

Hey Everyone!

So in my experience false lash effect mascaras, never really deliver the goods do they?...Until now that is!..This is the Essence Multi Action False Lashes Mascara!..

I have it in black and it cost me €2.99. There are other "multi action" mascaras from Essence, like the original (the pink one) but that didn't do much for me, this mascara is amazing though!..The brush is quite large but it's really easy to use and the formula is a thicker kind of consistency. I think the pictures will speak for themselves so here we go!..

This is before....

After one coat..

After two coats..

I really think this gives a false lash effect, it is lasts all day and the best bit is it's only €2.99. Amazing, I would absolutely recommend it!

Thanks for reading! :)

Karen xx

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Essence Stay Natural Concealer - Review

Hey Everyone!

So we are all constantly looking for a good concealer, am I right?..Well I know I am anyways, and I doubt I will ever stop looking! One that I came across recently was the "Stay Natural" concealer by Essence. I love Essence, I've tried lots of their products from eyeshadows to lip glosses; they are SO affordable and I've loved them! So I was looking forward to trying this concealer. It looks like this...(Please note this is a stock photo from, I do have my own photos but I wanted a decent pic to start off with, I will explain later in this post!!)

The shade I picked up was 03soft nude, after trying the testers and it cost me €2.79 for 5ml of product. It has a brush applicator and a twisty bottom to get the product up, the brush looks like this...

So I'm going to get straight in, I hated this concealer. Firstly it has a far too watery consistency for me. I prefer my concealer to feel like its doing something but this felt almost like it was just rubbing off the skin. It was weird I didn't like it. Secondly it oxidizes like a bi-atch! It is a nice light colour to start off with but turns to a more orange shade within minutes...not good! I'm sorry I can't show pictures to back this up but this is lasts NO TIME!  I mean this in two ways!...

First off its staying power was awful, I barely felt any coverage from this concealer anyway, but what I did have was gone within about two hours. I need my concealer to last all day, this did not! Secondly the entire tube of concealer lasted me a grand total 2 weeks! And this is not everyday use, not excessive use. Its the least time I have gotten out of a product, I didn't even get time to swatch it for you! 
In addition the packing quality is terrible, this doesn't normally bother me much but it's just something to add to the list, here is a pic of two weeks worth of wear...

So I almost didn't want to do this post due to lack of swatches, crappy pics etc. But I did because even though it's only €2.79, I don't think you should waste your money! Nothing impressed me about this product and I'm so disappointed because Essence have some really good stuff, their "Stay with me" lipglosses are the bomb diggidy!! (Review here But this unfortunetly just wasn't for me! 

Hope this helps!

Thank you for reading,
Karen xx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Topmodel Backstage Secrets Set - A Review

Hey Everyone!

So I have pretty much abandoned this blog over the last few months! A lot has been going on and for many reasons (which I won't bore you with!) this hasn't been a high priority for me. However 2012, new year, new start and all that jazz...I'm hoping things can only get better!..Anyways I received a  Topmodel Backstage Secrets set as part of a Christmas present and I thought it would be something worth posting about! I got the "Professional looks for Smokey Eyes" kit and it looks like this..

As a general overview I would say this kit would be perfect for a makeup beginner; some one who likes make up but maybe hasn't quite got the confidence to try "smokey" kind of looks yet; for more in depth info, read on! 

It has really nice packaging to start off with and it says it offers "insider know how" on how to create the perfect smokey eye; with instructions on the inside of how to use all of the products included. As well as written instructions it also has some diagrams on how to achieve your smokey eye look. That bit looks like this...
So on to the actual products. Inside you get three baked shimmery eye shadows, a white, a silver and a black; a purple shade of eye dust; a black/silver glitter eyeliner; a black mascara and an eyeshadow applicator. Not bad for (I believe) under £10. Here is a few pics of the products themselves..

So firstly the shadows, nice shades but not overly pigmented. They definitely are not the most pigmented shadows out there but at the same time they give quite a nice look. I created a look for a night out using them, and they lasted all night.They are quite forgiving in that you can play around a bit and still get a good look. Which is why I say perfect for a beginner. 

Next up the glitter eyeliner! I really liked this, gorgeous for a night out look and good quality. I find with liners such as this they can tend to kind of have colour or glitter, not both. However this is just a nice black liner with some nice glitter through it (which it obviously should, my point is products I have tried in the past which have claimed to do this have let me down!)..It also lasts quite well...Here are some swatches!

Next up is the eye dust and it is beautiful! Such a gorgeous colour and SO pigmented - I just love this. It goes perfectly with the other shades when used to blend out alongside the black, to give a bit of a different edge to your classic smokey eye. In my opinion the best thing about the whole kit. Some pictures....

 Then onto the mascara, this worst product in the kit in my opinion. This is what it looks like..

Fairly standard brush and wand but I found the formula to be quite dry and basically it just didn't do much for my lashes. Here are some pics to demonstrate..

No Mascara

One coat

Two coats

Three coats

As you can see it's not awful , but I felt it took a lot of work to get to that point. There are much better mascaras out there and I won't be reaching for this one anytime again soon..

So to sum up, it's a nice kit and was a lovely little gift. I think it makes a really nice present in general, I will be using all the products in future (except the mascara!) and also its really quite reasonably priced. If your looking for a gift for a makeup lover in your life,or just something for yourself, you can't go too wrong with this! :)

Karen :) x