Sunday, 14 August 2011

Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick - A Review

Hey Everyone!

So I think pretty much everyone knows the brand Miss Sporty, they are an affordable brand that have been round as long as I can remember! That said I have never really tried any of their products, a few nail polishes and that was really it! Then about 5/6 months ago I was on the hunt for some new lipsticks. I went into my local Superdrug and asked one of the staff what was the best lipstick they could recommend to me...the answer she gave was Miss Sporty!..

I was definitely surprised but she said that she never bothered with expensive lipsticks because for the price and quality, as well as the choice of shades, Miss Sporty was the best all rounder. So taking all this praise on board I went for it! I bought two shades from the "Perfect Colour" range, a pink and a red, two quite intense shades (well for me)!.The pink is called "Innocence - 009" and then red is in "Dream - 055" and they look like this...

"2 of each, Karen that doesn't make 3?..."..I have two pinks, don't ask!

Dream 055

Innocence 009
So the first thing I will say about these is that they are nicely pigmented, you get a pretty good colour pay off with little effort. They go on really easily and really well, so my first impressions were really good! Here is a swatch..

The pink doesn't come off well in this picture but I really like the shades themselves and I was impressed with their pigmentation. Here is what they look like on...1st my lips "au natural!", then with the lipsticks (excuse the poses, my pouting skills aren't the best!)..
No lipstick....



Now for the but!.....I have two issues with these lipsticks, here is the first..

Longevity...The staying power of these lipsticks is really not great, now when I've used them I've used them on their own and with gloss on top (I've never tried with lipcote so maybe that would help) but neither stayed on very long. As I've mentioned in previous posts my usual make up test is how well a product performs on a night out; I found that when wearing these they needed constant re-application to maintain a good look, not particularly convenient when my nights out involve lots of liquid consumption etc! So staying power - not good.

My other issue - drying out my lips...Now I know this can be quite a common complaint from lipsticks, they often tend to dry out lips but this affected mine more than anything I've ever used. In particular the red shade; I once had to dress as a pirate for work (I do miss my old job sometimes!) and this for me involved intense red lips! Throughout the night I found that again it needed constant re-application and by the end of the night my lips felt like they were cracking, incredibly dry!

SO! Overall given the good and bad points, I still quite like them. I think this is purely because I enjoy the shades more than anything and they are affordable. I haven't tried any similarly cheap lipsticks (I'm thinking the MUA lipsticks which I have yet to try - shock horror!) so maybe there are some better ones out there..If I find them I'll let ya know! :)

Hope you enjoyed this review,
Karen :) xx


  1. i find that red lipstick that flatters can be so hard to find! i, therefore, tend to stay away from red-red, and opt for a cherry or raspberry red.
    i love pink shades so long as they are not too light ... but for the price of Miss Sporty, you may as well try and see how it turns out, haha!
    i tend to apply vaseline a while before applying lippy so it doesn`t dry my lips out as quickly ... have you tried that? it works for me but it may not work for others.
    i`ve purchased nail polish and concealers from Miss Sporty in the past - i think it`s a brand that is so affordable it`s worth trying out the new products! i like the brand, hehe:) xx

  2. Well I tried just lip balm with it and it helps, but it still dried my lips out!..Yea I quite like the nail polishes, I really like their brushes and their clubbing shade are UV so they glow on nights out! (I'm easily impressed, haha!) xxx

  3. I bought a couple of Miss Sporty lipsticks and found that the packaging made them unbearable. The 'click' to put the lid on stopped working after a few weeks and then the tube cracked. Lipstick all over my bag!

  4. Oh nightmare! I haven't had that problem with them, but not too surprised...I think there is probably some much better ones out there in the low budget price range, I just need to get trying!:)

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  6. Yesterday i got a lipstick in the shade "innocence" and i really liked it, it matches my skin very well because im a bit pale. They don't stay on your lips too long, but i think it is perfect for the daytime, not for special occasions.