Saturday, 27 August 2011

An Eye Primer Extraordinaire!

Hey Everyone!

I am so very excited to tell you about this amazing eye primer I came across recently. It's the Catrice eye shadow base and it looks like this...

It claims to intensify eye shadow and increase durabililty. I bought this from my local pharmacy, it retails at €4.79 (Around £4.20) but it was 50% off all Catrice on the day I was there so I got it for €2.40 (Around £2.10), for 2.1ml of product, what a bargain!..I had recently been thinking that I had never come across any eye primers by the more affordable brands (maybe there is but I have never seen them!) and so there wasn't really a good alternative for anyone who didn't fancy spending £16 + pounds on the "cult favourites" like Two Faced shadow insurance, or Urban Decay primer potion. 

SO enter Catrice eyeshadow base, this stuff is amazing! The first thing that I thought when I was using it is that it is very similar to the Urban Decay primer potion (previously mentioned cult fave!), the product itself, consistency,  feel, application etc. all very similar. It gives a really smooth soft finish, as you would expect. Here are some swatches..

When I apply my eye makeup over this, you can really feel the primer "grabbing" the shadow, and it really does intensify eyeshadow, like it claims it will. This is all great but the main thing I want from an eye primer is to increase durability, so does it live up to it's claim?...YES!.. I have used this first thing in the morning, carried on through a normal day, then into the evening, over 12 hours and still my eye shadow did not budge. I also used it on a night out last night my eyeshadow stayed perfect all night long and (I'm really not proud of this) I didn't take my makeup off when I got home (disaster, I know!) BUT when I got up, my eyeshadow was still perfect!!...And all this for €2.40? AMAZING!

I'm so impressed by this stuff, the only downside being I know Catrice are not overly represented in the UK, so it may be a little hard to come by, but anyone from Ireland should be able to find this pretty easily. Anyways, wherever you are if you come across this product buy it, you won't be sorry!

Hope you enjoyed this review! 
Karen :) xx

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