Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Collection 2000 Smokey Eye Palette Review

Hey Everyone!

I recently received this as a gift from one of my friends and was very excited to try it! It's the Smokey Eye Palette from Collection 2000 and it looks like this...

First off I like the packaging, it's not fancy or anything but it's a good size and would be great for travelling with. It has 9 shades which include shimmers, mattes and a cream and they are classified into dark, medium, light and cream. It also comes with a nice double ended applicator and a step by step how to guide on the back. The applicator is actually pretty nice, it looks like this...

It has a large side for packing shadows on and a smaller side which is good for using in the crease, along the lower lash line etc. The guide on the back is pretty simple but covers the basics in a four steps, it looks like this..

So the shadows themselves..I found them to be ok, not great, not awful. Here is a swatch in the order they appear in the pack..

Now I know the picture quality isn't fantastic but I think you can see what I mean. The shimmer "Medium" shades are nicely pigmented and I quite like them. The darker shades aren't as pigmented, like the matte black shade is very light, and I found it took quite a bit of effort to get the kind of "BAM" look I want from a smokey eye. However the pink toned light shade and the cream are really nice and really good highlights. 

Overall the feeling I got when using this palette was that it would be perfect for a smokey eye beginner. The medium and light shades are really nice and the darker shades are quite forgiving and so if you were trying a smokey eye for the first time I think this would be perfect! To sum up it's a nice little palette and well priced at under £5. If they were to make more smokey eye palettes using some different colours; plums, blues etc. I would definitely consider investing!

Hope you enjoyed this review! :) 

Karen xx

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