Go Cruelty Free!

Go cruelty free with your cosmetic purchases. As it stands many companys can put "Not tested on animals" or similar statements on their products. This often only applies to the finished product, and the ingrediants used in making the product may have been tested on animals. 

I have tried lots of brands and I am not lecturing people at all, it is entirely up to you what products you use. I personally have started to make a move towards researching a lot more about products before I buy. I do not want to support animal testing for cosmetic purposes. I don't care how good something might make me look, I don't want an animal to suffer in order to find that out. 

This website is a useful tool to help  find more information on cruelty free products. http://www.gocrueltyfree.org/shopper

This is a list of products approved by the vegetarian society

Karen X