Tuesday, 26 July 2011

MUA - Make Up Academy Professional Extreme Curl Mascara Review

Hey Everyone! 

So another MUA review! This time on their Extreme Curl Mascara. This review is a bit picture heavy as I was trying to show the results as best I could, but I don't have the best camera, but I think you will get the idea anyway! To start off this mascara is £2, I know I've gone on about it before but seriously how do they do it?! I didn't need a new mascara but at £2 I couldn't exactly leave it behind! The packaging is gorgeous and sleek, it looks expensive and again a lot more than I would expect from spending so little. It looks like this...
Sorry about the picture quality!

The packaging states the this mascara "Shapes lashes beautifully from root to tip for long lasting curl".The wand itself is a long and the brush is curved, obviously to give the "long lasting curl". The consistency of the mascara itself is quite "wet" for want of a better word, it's not sticky or clumpy, in other words it's nice! The curved wand is easy to use and helps to catch the difficult inner and outer corner lashes. So this is what the wand and brush look like...

For this review I applied just one coat of this mascara to one eye and took some before and afters pictures and some comparison shots between the eye with and without the mascara. I didn't curl or prime my eyelashes in anyway before I did this, and the mascara is the only makeup I am wearing. (Please excuse the alien looking poses I pull here!)





You can see the result from just one coat here. As well as curling the lashes it's also has quite a lengthening affect. I also tested this mascara on a night out recently. When I go out I like my lashes to be as big as they can be without the use of false lashes for help. I applied two coats of this mascara and I was happy with the look I got. I brought the mascara out with me in case it needed touching up throughout the night, it didn't. If I had to find a negative it would be that due to the curl on the brush, I get some product clumping on the tip when taking the brush out, but I'm sure I'll figure out the knack of how to take it out and avoid getting this!

Eye on the left of picture with mascara
Eye on the right without


Overall I'm very impressed! And I'm still in awe of the fact that this mascara is just £2! I would say to definitely go out and buy it, you can't go to wrong at that price and I found it to be a really impressive product!

Hope you enjoyed this review!
Karen :) X


  1. New follower here. This looks like it would be a great base coat for a volumising mascara. I'm tempted to give it a go based on your review. Very pretty!

  2. I use the £1 Mua mascara can't remember what it's called now! But it's really good! Will take to take a look at this one!
    Nora ( http://noradaisy.blogspot.com )

  3. Wow that looks amazing! same results as a YSL mascara but so much cheaper...Definitely gonna try this out, thanks! xx

  4. Thank you for following guys! :D Glad you liked the review :) xx