Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A clever way to try new products!

Hey Everyone!

So I'm sure that some people have already thought of this and are already doing it, but as I have just started my blog I said I would do a quick post on a way that I find good to try new products. I mostly use this for hair care products but you could also do this with skin care, fragrance etc.! So what am I talking about?..Travel size of course! In all supermarkets and drugstores there will be a section for travel size toiletries, because when you're travelling you don't want to haul your full size bathroom collection and also baggage restrictions and all of that too! 

Now I have very long hair and I do colour treat it maybe three times a year. I'm not big on heat styling as my hair is naturally straight, but I often blow dry, so I want a good shampoo that takes good care of my hair. I am also quite loyal to products that work, if I find something that's good then I will stick with it and I'm usually quite reluctant to change! As well as all of this you don't want to spend money on full size shampoo and conditioners that might not even work for you and may end up sitting unused in your shower. So the solution? The mini-me versions!

I personally get around four or five uses out of travel size (75ml)  bottles and for me that is enough time to decide whether or not I like a product. I know some people may like longer use before deciding their opinion, but I find that after a couple of uses I know whether or not I like what it does for my hair.

The Charles Worthington Moisture Seal shampoo and conditioners are an example of a brand I tried, and liked, but didn't switch to. I found that my hair felt clean and conditioned but I didn't get the really nourished and soft feel I got from my permanent products. 

I even use the travel size options for things such as toothpaste!

This might seem strange but I'm fussy about my toothpaste and I like to try different kinds! Also as I travel quite often, small toothpaste is a handy thing to have!

So overall this is just a little tip for trying products without having to fully commit! I hope you enjoyed it!
Peace and Love!X

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