Monday, 25 July 2011

For Fellow Snifflers!

Hey Everyone!

This post is about something that I think affects quite a few people...sneezing and sniffling! I have hay fever so this is a problem for me in the summer as well as in the winter, when the flu,colds etc. affects almost everyone at some point! Obviously there are lots of treatments and stuff for hay fever, allergies and colds, but it is actually an associated problem I talking about in this post. Anyone who has experienced "the sniffles" in any form, will know how difficult it can be on the skin around your nose, constant touching and rubbing with tissue can be very irritative. Even when I stick to the lovely soft Kleenex packs, the skin on my nose can still get red and irritated! 

I have this problem more often than I'd like, and so I have tried a couple of different things to help solve the issue. I have previously used vaseline, sudocrem, sensitive skin moisturizers and that type of thing; but recently I tried something which has worked much better than any of these.....Aloe Vera lip balm!

I purchased a double pack of aloe vera lip balm form my local bargain store, it's by the brand "Pretty Smiles" and is available from Amazon for just £1 for two balms. They look like this..

Because its a lip balm it's very moisturising and so this helps with dry skin caused by tissue over use. As well as this the added Aloe Vera works to soothe the irritation, so redness decreases and the it helps reduce stinging which may also occur. I recently had a day where I forgot to take my hay fever tablet and I was a nightmare, sneezing every two seconds! Subsequently my nose got quite irritated, so I said I would try the aloe vera balm and it worked a treat!

So that is just a little random tip for anyone who hasn't tried this before, I hope you enjoyed the post!

Karen :) x

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