Thursday, 15 September 2011

George Flawless Creme Foundation - Review

Hey Everyone!

So recently George at Asda have come out with a new makeup range including a much wider range of products of seemingly higher quality. I thought it looked interesting and wanted to try some so I picked up the Flawless Creme Foundation. It is £4 and looks like this..
It is quite nice packaging, it has two compartments, one with a nice size mirror and the other with sponge for application. 

So the foundation itself? Terrible! I've tried it a couple of days now and I actually can't use it anymore, I think it's horrible. I've applied it using the sponge and my fingers, neither made any difference as it's the actual foundation that is so bad. The first thing is that it is incredibly greasy, I have normal - dry skin and it felt awful on. It was like having a layer of oil on my skin, just disgusting. And as for the "flawless" coverage? Non existent. It turns to a slightly tinted almost clear coverage. Here is a swatch..

Can you see it?!...This is a couple of swatches and you can barely see anything. This might be ok for a really light coverage look but the foundation itself feels anything but light so it's actually not much good for that either! 

Overall I don't like this product and would definitely not recommend it! (I'm still wishing NYC didn't get rid of their cream foundation, boo!) Have you tried any good products from the George range?..Let me know!

Hope you enjoyed this post
Karen :) xx

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  1. Eeeew, this sounds awful. The only thing I've rated from Asda makeup is the nail varnish. Great value for £1.75. There is a gorgeous duochrome blue/pink. Lasts for ages and so so pretty.