Saturday, 24 September 2011

Accessorize Baked Blush - A Review!

Hey Everyone!
This is going to be a little review of my latest favourite blush! It's from Accessorize, it is the "Merged Baked Blusher" in the shade "5 - Sensation" and I think it is gorgeous! It is £5, from Superdrug and looks like this!

I love love love the packaging of Accessorize make up. I think it's all really pretty and gorgeous and also really classy looking. (Classy might be the wrong word - but what I'm trying to say is it doesn't look cheap!) 

Now I've mentioned my love of baked makeup before! But I could actually just look at this and be happy I bought it, it's just so so pretty! The blush itself is a light pink shade with coral tones to it, as you can (hopefully) see. It's a gorgeous colour and nicely pigmented so easy to use and should last me a lifetime! One thing that I like, but others may not is that it's got quite a sheen to it. I like it because it kind of acts as a highlight as well a blush. If you prefer a more subtle look then maybe this might be a bit much but I adore it and I think it is perfect for nights out! Here is a swatch...

Crappy picture (as always Karen) so apologies, but I hope you can sort of see the results you get from this blush. I would definitely recommend it as I think it's gorgeous and it's only a fiver ;)

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Karen xx

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  1. This blush looks gorgeous :) I definitely want to try their makeup :)

    Love Christine ♥